MBA Admission 2019: Ways in which MBA will change in future for the better

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  • February 27, 2019
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Today’s business world is very Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Technological innovations, political shifts, and developing economies are all impacting how and where business takes place. In this environment, the business schools today, need to adapt to stay relevant.

If you are aspiring to pursueMaster of Business Administrations (MBA), then consider the points below that will help you to understand what lies in the business administrations future ahead and how MBA can be beneficial to you in the long run.

More focus on soft skills

Automation and innovation have lead to a change in the workforce. After completing MBA, you will find new jobs emerging all the time. Reshaping and rethinking business education is very important.

This can be achieved through an experienced faculty and experts from different industries, which will give you an insight into current trends and the future of business. The best way to prepare students for an unknown tomorrow is by focusing on soft skills.

Specialization trend to increase

Specialisations in MBA have grown in number and diversity to a large extent in the recent years. From entrepreneurship to sports management it had a wide domain.

Today the needs and requirements of all the companies are changing. Some of these companies now prefer to train employees in a certain way and train them to learn the company culture. People need to be more specialized in certain aspects.

The demand for specialization comes from all sides. Students want greater choice and some employers want employees with specific skill sets. You as an MBA student can do specialisations in- Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Media & Entertainment and Operation. These are some of the trending and in demand specialisations, while you can choose from the other fields as well depending upon your area of interests and skills possessed.

Online MBAs become more popular

Earlier people were very apprehensive to study online programs, but now online education is becoming increasingly gaining a lot of popularity. Interactivity with online courses is higher than with classroom-based programs because there, you always have someone who will be able to give you feedback. There is no constraint of time zones—the world is your classroom.

The popularity of online MBA programs has increased in recent years.

Technology to modify classroom environment

The world business has been disrupted by the technology, and it is disrupting world of business education too. Automating the time faculty spend correcting and giving feedback on students’ work will enable a closer interaction with students.

Various techniques from online courses are being brought into the classroom. For instance- ‘Flip the classroom’ is one such technique which uses technology to give students the theory before class. You as an MBA student, can get coached and mentored, and engage in the various class discussions.

Also technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality can be a great tool too.

Business schools work more closely together

Different business schools offer different things—geography, specialization, alumni networks. The future of MBA, involves a greater degree of collaboration between various business schools.

Through partnerships, people will be able to take courses at a variety of institutions.