Didn’t complete MBA? Take home a diploma: Madras University’s new plan

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  • June 17, 2019
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CHENNAI: Soon, students enrolled for distance education courses with Madras University will get a certificate even if they are unable to complete the course. The radical, albeit controversial idea will be presented in detail at the syndicate meeting scheduled to be held on June 18.

“Certificates will be awarded depending on the amount of portion covered by the student,” a senior official told Express. “For instance, if a student completes only one year of the two-year MBA programme, she will be awarded a certificate of diploma in management.”

The plan is being mulled only for courses offered by the Institute of Distance Education. “We will discuss the proposal in detail at the June 18 meeting. If approved, the University will implement it,” says vice chancellor P Duraisamy.

Sources say the implementation could start this year itself. The initiative, they say, will serve two purposes. “One, it will help the University attract more students distance education programmes. Two, hardwork of students will not be wasted. They will get a certificate for the extent they have covered.”
Currently, at least 25-30 per cent students enrolled with the Institute of Distance Education are unable to complete their course for a variety of reasons.
Many of them complete a major chunk of the course, but it’s of no use as no certificate is awarded to them.

On average, around 30,000 students annually enrol for the 97 different distance education courses offered by Madras University.